K was born in London in the 80's and comes from a Pakistani background.  She grew up watching horror movies and reading gothic, horror and classic literature, with a particular interest in death rituals, since learning about the Ancient Egyptians and Norse Gods.


K discovered Stephen King’s The Shining at the age of 10, and Blatty’s The Exorcist in the first year of high school, after her parents caught her watching the film. She took a keen interest in Jungian Dream Psychology at the age of 12.


Over in Pakistan, K’s uncle owned a video store; she spent most summers in Pakistan watching as much as she could. She loved hearing stories and Pakistan was filled with tales of jinn and churail. Ancient mythology and world creation stories allowed K to look beyond what was familiar to her. K took to telling her own stories to friends and family from a young age, most often highlighting the more frightening elements of narrative whilst enjoying the oral storytelling tradition. K then later went on to writing short stories for her high school magazine.    


Leaving home at the age of 17, she went to university with little money, to study literature, wanting to write fiction. K took an optional module for Film Studies which was a major turning point. Literature and film merged together in a university class about text to film adaptations, where K directed her first short film Man of the Crowd, based on the story by Edgar Allan Poe. The film was presented at a conference at the university in 2007. Although there was no practical filmmaking course available to at the time, K pursued filmmaking by following up with Obsidian, which she wrote, produced and directed for her third year dissertation,  being the first undergraduate student at the time to make a film. This marked the birth of Bad Wolf Films. 

K has since written, directed and produced, over 10 short films, gaining various official selections internationally. Her short film 'Inside Out' is featured in the World of Death Anthology (2016) and her short film, Love Drug for a Death Waltz was screened at the 2017 Twin Peaks UK Festival. K was also invited to produce a PSA for Women in Horror organised by Jen and Sylvia Soska in 2020.


She has two feature films, including Black Lake, which had its world premiere at the Women in Horror Film Festival in February 2020, was nominated for 5 awards; 'Best Director', 'Best Film', 'Best Score' and the 'Indie Spirit Award'. Black Lake won 'Best Cinematography'. Black Lake has since received many more nominations and awards. K has recently finished what was originally her debut feature film shot in 2014, Maya, which won 'Best Feature Film', and was also nominated for 'Best Cinematography' and 'Indie Spirit Award', at its world premiere at Renegade Film Festival (formerly 'Women in Horror Film Festival') in Atlanta, GA in March 2022.

Picking up techniques mainly from the films she grew up with,  such as Evil Dead and the classics like Alien and The Shining, K later expanded her cinematic palate by indulging in Art-house and World Cinema in her early twenties. As well as movies and cinema, she enjoys coffee and going for long walks. K is a self professed Jungian and alchemist.

Writer / Director / Producer / Director of Photography / Editor