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I really enjoyed watching Wicked Little Letters late last night with my buddy Helen (do take a friend to laugh with). Jessie Buckley and Olivia Colman offer a wickedly delightful pairing. The film offers much more than just laughs, and asks audiences to think about what classifies as being a 'good' woman. Women are expected to behave a certain way, and this film wonderfully and explicitly discusses how society treats women who are living outside of the box.

I won't say much else about it as it really does speak for itself. The performances are fantastic. Some moments will have you feeling furious at the injustices women are faced with in their every day lives and also in the workplace. Anjana Vasan (Killing Eve) plays the character of Woman Police Officer Moss, who is not only female, but is South-Asian. I absolutely loved what she had to offer this film, and am excited to see what else she does. If anything you foxy arsed beauties, go and see the film to brush up on your language skills ;)


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