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The Teacher's Lounge

I've always been interested in movies about teacher figures and inspirational people, who have the potential to make great changes in society. I didn't think I'd ever be a teacher myself, so watching a movie like this approaching my 4 year anniversary of teaching was really interesting. I used to consider myself to be a selfless person, until I realised that it left me feeling burnt out frequently and my lack of boundaries actually made me more prone to hurtful behaviour. Watching The Teacher's Lounge as the person I am now, was extremely insightful. I'm really glad that I entered my teaching career after having done plenty of self care work and upholding boundaries. The risks of not doing so are clearly laid out in the film as we follow the protagonist who appears to be an overly empathetic teacher, and perhaps the only person who really cares about the welfare of the students.

The film is remarkable in the way it portrays the stresses and lack of support both students and teachers find themselves not receiving in an educational institution. I made sure this was the first of three films I watched that day, because I'd need to watch something light afterwards. The performances are superb, and I was surprised to see how much the film was driven by a dramatic and unnerving score by Marvin Miller. The score really brought the film back to cinematic form, and was the reminder I needed that this was a film, and not me watching a really stressful situation unfold before me.

It's one of the best films I've watched this year. I also loved the focus on costume, colours, and lighting. The Teacher's Lounge is a fantastic film that's thick with tension and deals with the very important issues of mental health and empathy in an educational environment.


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