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The Taste of Things

Despite being quite sad about missing this in the cinema, despite having bought a ticket, which I had to cancel because I'd been unwell on the day of the screening, I quite enjoyed watching this with headphones and up close on a small screen. The Taste of Things is an ASMR delight for foodies and nature enthusiasts alike.

Juliette Binoche is absolutely is riveting as Eugénie and esteemed cook with delicate sensitivities, who is paired with Benoît Magimel, who plays the gourmet chef Dodin Bouffant. The film is made up of several food preparation scenes, where everything is handled with such love and care, intercut with soft glances between characters and seductive cinematography. I found myself smiling all throughout the film, which delighted all of my senses. It left me feeling warm, inspired, and filled with so much love and inspiration for my own art. I also very much appreciated the portrayal of women in this film - older and younger alike, which could be likened to the refreshing glass of fine wine paired with the perfect gourmet feast - for the body and the mind.

I find myself enjoying these kinds of films more and more lately, and looking back at films I have watched over the past decade, every once in a while I did engage with cinema that was soft, deliberate, and thoughtful (my indulgence in horror cinema has lessened considerably in the past 4 years). Those moments were often synonymous with memorable afternoons/evenings. I like to consider films like this as 'the perfect slice of cake' and The Taste of Things certainly is part de gâteau parfaite (chef's kiss).


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