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I went to see The Iron Claw because I love movies about competitive sports and (hopefully) people overcoming emotional/physical trauma. As a child, I was not hugely into wrestling, but I certainly new enough about the wrestling world to have a conversation about it. Of course Undertaker and Kane were my faves.

I've been watching at least three films a week at the cinema to catch up with February releases. I must say that so far The Iron Claw has to be my favourite movie release this year. It is beautifully shot and captures masculinity and fragility so well. Zac Efron delivers such an astounding performance. In fact the entire cast delivers a powerful, emotional drama piece centred around a father who pushes his sons to achieve what he was unable to.

The film is beautiful and equally tragic, in the way brotherhood and loyalty is portrayed. This is absolutely a movie that is meant for the big screen because of the wrestling matches and glamour of the fights. I feel incredibly proud of the way this film offers healing, and I hope that you will also find some level of healing should the film resonate with you.


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