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The Bikeriders

I've wanted a Harley since I watched Terminator 2 as a child. I've got the shades, I just need the bike (no sawed off shotgun!) I enjoy films that work through a documentary lens such as Gia. I was sold by the casting for The Bikeriders - Jodie Comer who plays the razor sharp witted Villanelle in Killing Eve, Austin Butler who was phenomenal as Feyd-Rautha in Dune 2, and Tom Hardy, who perhaps plays his nicest, almost father like role, so far.

Based on a true story, The Bikeriders was captivating to watch. Austin Butler who plays Benny, reminded me so much of a younger me. I can't believe how much if a temper I had, and all I really wanted was something to believe in. I empathised with his character to a great degree. He's enigmatic, passionate, and vulnerable all at the same time. Kathy (Comer) narrates the majority of the story and has such an amazing screen presence. Tom Hardy's character surprised me the most, and I believe it's his character that shows the most development. What I didn't expect though was to burst into tears during a particular scene much later in the film.

I found the cinematography, choreography, and storytelling to be very compelling. The hair styling, makeup, and costumes are also fantastic and lend heavily to the image of the bikers and their wives/partners. The Bikeriders is a welcomed addition to my top 10 of the year.


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