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I watched Poor Things two weeks ago when it was released in the UK. I did my best to avoid reviews and any spoilers, mostly by my American friends 😉

The film is a 'must see in movie theatres' experience. People were laughing and also quite disturbed by the absurdist masterpiece. The performances were, needless to say, incredible. As 'Frankenstein' is the Modern Prometheus, Poor Things act as the Post-Modern Prometheus. I loved the little focal point on Goethe, especially with the pistol play later in the film, which might just be a little reference to The Sorrows of Young Werther. The film is exceptional in the exploration of female sexuality, because for some reason a lot of men seem to think desire is limited to one gender.

I loved the score, the costumes, and the witty dialogue delivered by Emma Stone. The film didn't quite resonate with me as powerfully as it resonated with others, however it is undeniably an incredible work of art and deserves your attention.


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