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Mother's Instinct

I was quite excited to see a movie starring both Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway. There's something alluring about seeing an actor like Anne Hathaway exploring roles different to what we usually see her in, and that's exactly what drew me into this family drama/thriller.

It's good to bear in mind I had watched Kore-Eda's Monster days prior to seeing this, so a lot of my emotions had been spent and I had already been quite devastated. With that in mind and without giving spoilers, this film didn't hit me as hard as it would have affected others. The aesthetic is quite charming, as were the costumes and production design. I enjoyed the film predominantly for Anne Hathaway's performance, which could be one of her best, however it felt like something was missing for me. I could imagine really loving a film like this 10 years ago, however compared to a lot of the films I have seen so far this year, this isn't going to be as memorable. I did enjoy the strangeness of the film, however despite this I felt like it fell short of belonging in David Lynch's world crossed over with Hitchcock's.


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