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Love Lies Bleeding

This is long overdue. When I flew back from Salem Horror Fest and from seeing my partner in May, I had this to look forward to playing at The Barbican accompanied by a Q&A with writer and director Rose Glass, who I had the pleasure of asking a question to.

Love Lies Bleeding was one of my most anticipated movies of the year. And it bloody delivered! I've watched it 2.5 times since then (may have got distracted the third time round...). Driven by a fantastic and refreshing story following Jackie, a female bodybuilder and Lou, who works at her father's gym, the film is well oiled by a pulsing score by Clint Mansell. The cinematography is stunning, and although the film features some fantastical elements, those elements are still grounded by character perspectives and the intoxicating power of love, which can make some people appear larger than life (pun totally intended).

Love Lies Bleeding is a fantastic addition to queer cinema, with its portrayal of raw, animalistic love, which we rarely get to witness between two women. Queer female love is often portrayed as being clean, or slightly detached, so it was great to see a film that was so visceral with its intent, especially featuring female bodies that we rarely get to see on screen. I mean, let's face it, the last female body builder type of character I saw was Luisa in Encanto, and she was amazing. Love Lies Bleeding is fast-paced, greasy, and blood-splattered intercut with artistic still segments which lend themselves to the violent nature of the events. It was such a delight!


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