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Late Night With The Devil

I love movies about the supernatural, however I am very picky about them. I really dislike over the top effects and storylines. Despite that, the whole concept of this film was incredibly gimmicky, but it really delivered for me. The first thing that made me nervous was that the cinema I decided to watch this in ONLY had late night showings, so already I was uncomfortable with the idea of going to sleep straight after watching a film like this. I'm quite sensitive to films about demonic possession as it doesn't take much for the things around me to stir and keep me up at night, so I went with a good friend of mine who also loves horror movies.

The whole idea is based on a late night tv show and it's all very 'let's just get the ratings we need and have fun'. It's entertainment so what could possibly go wrong, right? Until a young girl joins the show as a one of the guests, with her doctor who has recently published a book about the young and her troubled life from when she was forced into a cult. As you can guess, spooky things start to happen, ah and it is also Halloween night! The setup of the film was perfect and I really had to just suspend my disbelief and be part of the tv audience present to just let things unfold.

The performances were fantastic and there was a lot going on and off set to keep me engaged with the content. The film has some great effects, some rather unsettling moments, and I felt pretty spooked. At one point I wondered if we were all really going to be hypnotised! It was quite amusing to be honest. I felt like the cinema audience was an extension of the tv show audience, and that was exciting. The film is a great addition to the supernatural/possession sub-genre of horror and it delivered something different. Go check it out, if you dare!


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