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I'm not sure if I would have felt differently about this movie had I watched it prior to watching The First Omen, which was released shortly after in the UK. Both films had very similar themes but were executed quite differently. I couldn't help but notice the Italian sounded different, and I wondered if that might be a regional thing.

I was really excited to see Alvaro Morte who plays Sergio in the tv series La Casa De Papel, however I was not particularly keen on his performance in the film especially after watching him be so charismatic and phenomenal in the show I was first introduced to him in. In fact, I found a lot of the performances quite dramatic and over the top. Sydney Sweeney on the other hand does really well, however I wished she was better supported by other characters.

There were scenes that could have been visually exquisite, but somehow fell short for me. The cinematography wasn't particularly to my liking and left a lot to be desired, especially after watching The First Omen. It did manage to get me with a jump scare at one point, which I must commend it for. I just really felt like it was trying to be several different types of movies at once. At one point it had a Shutter Island type of vibe, which I would have loved had it carried it through. I did really enjoy the score and would say it was my favourite aspect of this film.

Afterwards I found my brain clawing at fragments of The First Omen as somehow both films had mutated into one in my mind. Immaculate is a good film and worth watching, but didn't serve me as well as The First Omen did, which I am bound to watch again. And again.


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