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Fly Me to the Moon

Saturday night I was eager to watch something comforting. It looks like I managed to catch an early preview of Fly Me to the Moon, which tells the story of the space race. I went in without any set expectations, and allowed myself to be swept away with the science, comedy, and romance of it all.

I've recently been returning to my love of space and 'what's out there', something I contemplated a lot about as a child, which then expanded to other things later in life. This film took me back to Asteroid City last summer, which Scarlett Johansson also starred in, and it had a similar warmth to the colour palette, although Wes Anderson's Asteroid City is uniquely Wes Anderson's style. I found Scarlett Johansson's character to be absolutely brilliant and so well played from the get go. She was slick, snazzy, and was just on top of her game, which beautifully contrasted with how conservative and focused Tatum's character was.

The entire casting was fun, and again! Another cat movie! I had watched A Quiet Place: Day One the evening before, so it seems like cats (and pizza) are definitely a winning formula here, well for me at least. The scenes about the fake moon landing were hilariously fun, especially as a filmmaker. The film also highlighted themes of safety and security, on a global and national level yes, but most importantly on a personal level, which added delicate features to this film, which otherwise could have ended up being basic and shallow. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was just what I needed. I was able to come home feeling good and feeling generally hopeful about how life has a way of getting things to work out. That's what we call movie magic folks!


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