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Ahh.... I can't write this without crying. I'm so glad I went to see All of us Strangers last night. I had to build up to see this by catching other movies first. It was only after watching The Zone of Interest that I thought, okay, I can do this.

I was really surprised to find the auditorium packed on a Wednesday night in Central London. The two gentlemen on my right greeted me with a 'hello' as I sat in my seat, which doesn't happen often, but it felt quite nice. I had already arrived devastated as my playlist had taken me to the depths of my next feature film. I shouldn't have been so surprised when I discovered by the end of this film that both this, and 'Vessel' would occupy the same liminal and ethereal space.

I went in knowing only that it would be a difficult film to watch as it dealt with queerness and family. That's all. I was bawling my eyes out through most of it. The performances were all incredibly moving. The cinematography, which was surprisingly experimental at times, invoking the likes of Under the Skin, delighted me and transported me to another level of being. I loved the soft textures of clothing and skin. The lighting in this movie is phenomenal, and you may find some parallels with scenes from Saltburn. I don't mean to offer up so many comparisons to other movies, as this film is incredibly special by itself. It's a beautiful merging of art and spirit. I will also say that it is a wonderful form of alchemy that is both tender and cruel.

This is my number one film of the year so far, which surprises me so much, as I will be seeing Dune: Part 2 this Friday. I'm really excited to see what the next 10 months of cinema will bring.


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